Program Educational Objectives (PEOS)

  • To provide a quality education for students entering the Mechanical Engineering profession or seeking careers in related fields
  • To disseminate technical information through scholarly publication, conferences and continuing education
  • To procure knowledge of relevant technologies and multidisciplinary fields
  • To develop problem solving approach using analytical abilities, effective communication skills and team work

Program Outcomes (POS)

After the completion of the program, the engineering graduate will be able to:

  • Be proficient in applying basic knowledge of Engineering and Technology to obtain solutions to a multi-disciplinary problem
  • Be accomplished to undertake suitable experiments or research methods in solving variousengineering problems and would attain at effective conclusions based on appropriate data interpretations and experimental results
  • Persistently upgrade and confident in applying advanced engineering practices and soft skills along with other appropriate techniques and resources
  • Be proficient in arriving at innovative solution to a problem with due considerations to society and environment
  • Be committed to professional ethics, economic, environmental, societal, and political norms
  • Be conscious of financial aspects of all professional activities and shall be able to undertake projects with appropriate management control, control on time and cost
  • Identify the need of continuous learning and prepare for all-round development all over the professional career
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