Faculty of Mechanical Engineering — VasakkalSharath KumarReddy

Subject Handled:


Paper Published:

Published 1 paper in reputed international conferences.

Interests (Area):

Fracture Mechanics.


1. Workshop Attended:

  • Attended one day workshop on Fracture Mechanics in 2017 organized by VVIT Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • Attended workshop for Solid works from Core CAD Technologies Pvt. Ltd organized by VTU held at regional office Bangalore on November-2014.
  • Attended International Workshop on “Loop Hole-Ethical Hacking” organized by Davangere University at UBDTCE Davangere on 19th and 20th February-2012.

2. Faculty Development Program :

  • Attended faculty development program on “Recent Developments in Renewable Energy Sources and its Applications” organized by Ghousia college of Engineering on 13th November to 25th November 2017.

National Conferences and International Conferences :

  • Studies on Wear Behavior of Boron Carbide Particulates Reinforced Aluminum 7075 Metal Matrix Composites”, in commet 2015 at BITM Bellari, Karnataka
  • A Study of Macro Structure and Wear Behavior of Al7075-B4C MMC using DoE Method”, in commet 2015 at BITM Bellari, Karnataka.