Faculty of Mechanical Engineering — SanthoshGowda K R

Subject Handled:


Paper Published:

Published 1 paper in National, International Conferences.

 Interests (Area):

Ansys, Composite Materials, Design.


1. Workshop Attended :

  • Attended the one day workshop on “Finite Element Method” held on 3rd Feb 2018 conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in RNSIT Bangalore.
  • Attended a workshop on “AUTOMOBILE TRANING” in GEDEE Technical training institute in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu held on 20th to 30th July 2014. 

2. International Paper Published:

Published paper on “Topology Optimization of Steering Knuckle Using Finite Element Analysis” in IJI MIND’S

3. Faculty Development Program

Attended the weekly Faculty development program on “Recent Development in Renewable Energy sources and its Application” held during 13th to 25th Nov 2017.