Faculty of Mechanical Engineering — Dr. A. Ramprasad

Subject Handled:


Paper Published:

Published 14 innovative technical papers in reputed international journals, conferences

Interests (Area):



1. Significant Achievements:

  • Patented two engineering concepts during 2016-2017.
  • Patented three National and one International.
  • Steered graduates employability skills training & development programs (Finishing School Programme as a brain child )

2. Seminars/Workshops/Paper Presentation:

  • International Conference on Harnessing Technology organized by Caledonian College of Engineering in 2012.
  • Methodology of Teaching and Training by ISTE Dec 1989.
  • Flexible Manufacturing System conducted by UBDT in 1995.
  • Metrology and Precision Measurement conducted by UVCE Bangalore University, 1993.
  • GIS and Project Management Under.
  • Indo-Canada Joint Project conducted by Niagara College of Arts & Technology, Ontario Canada in 2000.
  • Academic Leadership Workshop for Principals conducted by WIPRO Technologies, Bangalore in 2009 .

3. Professional Memberships:

Life Member of:

  • Indian Society for Technical Education,
  • Indian Welding Society.
  • Indian Aluminium Association.

4. National and International Papers Published:

  • Influence of SiC particles on Microstructural Characteristics of TIG Weld Joints of Al 6061- 20%SiCp, International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, IJISET, Vol. 2 Issue 8, July 2015.
  • Mechanical Properties of Al 6061-SiCp Metal Matrix Composite Weld JointsMade using Friction Stir Welding International Journal of Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, IJRITCC Journal, Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2015.
  • Weldability of Al 6061-SiCp using GTAW Process by A Ramaprasad, M S Murali& S C Sharma, International Journal of Material Science, IJOMS Vol; 4, 2009pp 81-89.
  • Effect of SiCp on Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of Al- 6061 Metal Matrix Composite by A Ramaprasad, M S Murali& S C Sharma, Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, Vol:3.Issue:3 , Sep 2008.
  • Dry Sliding Wear Characteristics of LM4 and LM6 Alloy castings. A Ramprasad,Dr. K Radha Krishna &Dr. M K Murlidhara Tool &Alloy Steels Journal, April-1994,p47-52.
  • Wet Abrasive studies on LM4& LM6 Alloy castings. A Ramprasad,Dr K Radha Krishna &Dr. M K Murlidhara, 40th Annual Convention of IIF, 14-16 Feb 1992, p 503-505.
  • Development of Welding Procedures for Al 6061-SiCp Metal Matrix Composite by A Ramaprasad,M S Murali& S C Sharma, ICAMC 2007.
  • International Conference on Advanced Materials & Composites, Oct 24-262007, NISIT, Thiruvanthapuram.
  • Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Al 6061-SiCp Metal Matrix Composite using Friction Stir Welding (FSW) &Solid State Welding .A Ramaprasad, M S Murli& S C Sharma, RAMPT-2009.
  • 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials Processing Tech. Feb: 2527,2009.
  • Micro-structural changes in Al 6061 + 20% SiC using FSW. A Ramprasad. RAW-2010, 1stInternationalConference on Recent advancement in Welding. Feb 2010.
  • International Conference on Harnessing Technology,13-14 Feb 2012 by Caledonian College of Engineering, ICHT-2012.
  • International Conference on Harnessing Technology,13-14 Feb 2012 by Caledonian College of Engineering.
  • All India Seminar on Linear Friction Welding Technology by PES University, IE(India) &IWS. Bangalore, 24-25thAug.2015.
  • Adopting Energy conservation measure for sustainable Development, BarotApurv, NaganagoudAnanthacharRamprasad, International journals of advances in scientific research & Engineering, vol 3,issue 4 May 2017.

5.  Accolades:

  • Bagged:Certificate of Recognition from Nizwa College of Technology, on the occasion of being an External Reviewer of Final Graduation Project Assessment in April 2013.

6. Other Assignments:


  • Canada on a staff exchange programme on GIS & Project Management at Niagara College of Arts & Technology, Ontario, Canada for 4 weeks during 2000.
  • Glasgow Caledonian University, UK during April 2012, under staff exchange programme, for one week to bolster GCU & CCE links.
  • Staff Exchange Programme on NYP concepts & academic Management from 23rd to 27th July 2012 at Yang Polytechnic, Singapore.
  • Nominated as Governing Council Member for 2 engineering colleges in Karnataka, India 2010.
  • Panel Member for approving research centres to Engineering Colleges under Tumkur University in 2010.

Examiner for evaluating:

  • Tech. Thesis, Visvesvaraya Technological University Karnataka.
  • D.Thesis, Tumkur University Karnataka.
  • Jain University Bengaluru for Ph.D.

Organizing member of:

  • Indian Welding Society, for conducting package programme for Micro ,Small& Medium Enterprises in the area of weld design & distortion.
  • International Conference on Recent Advancement in Welding-RAW-2010, organized jointly by IWS & PESIT, Bangalore in 2010.
  • Co-Chair for Mechfire-2012, One Day National level Students Symposium in 2012 Caledonian College of Engineering. Oman.