Faculty Electronics and Communication Engineering — Dr. M.J. Shanthi Prasad

Subject Handled:

VLSI Design, Micro Electronic circuits, Electromagnetics, CMOS VLSI, Electronic circuits

 Paper Published:


 Interests (Area):



  • International Journal of Emerging Technology & Advanced Engineering (IJETAE), Volume 7, issue 10, October 2017, 156 – 164, Title, “a Technical survey of Important Research works in VLSI Test Scan Architecture
  • International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), (Under publication)
  • Journal-of-applied-research-and-technology, Elsevier, publications, (Under publication)
  • 7th International conference on Advances in Computing & Communications, ICACC-2017, “Fusion Based Face Recognition System using ID transform Domains”, Published by Elsevier.B.V., Aug 2017, Cochin, India.
  • World Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology, Singapore, Vol 72, 2010, 460 – 465, Title, “Design & Development of Control Circuit for Multi-level Hybrid Inverter using FPGA”
  • IASTED, CSS Conference, San Francisco, USA, Vol 531- 087, 2006, 470-475, Title, “High level simulation of Substrate Noise in Mixed-Signal Integrated circuits”.
  • International conference at RVCE, Bangalore Page 27-35, 2017, Title, “Technologies and Architectures of the Internet-of-Things (IOT) for Health and Well-being.