Department of Management Studies and Research was established in 2009 by JnanavikasVidyasangha (1981) in this silver jubilee celebration with intake of 60. Department offers three main specializations; viz, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance, and offers dual specialization. Department is planning to take other specializations with the advice of advisory committee of the institute. Diversification of courses to meet the opportunities that are being continuously engendered by the mega processes of Liberalization, Privatization, Mercerization, Transnationalisation and Globalization. This is intended to bring about the balance between employment opportunities and the employability of management students. The programmes to be of operational use, we intend using the strategy of Management clinics- an approach very popular with medical sciences. This approach takes the students and the faculty off the class rooms into the world of industry and trade. The theory will be interpreted with reference to what is actually happening in the business world.


To become best management education institution providing excellent knowledge in global perspective.

To encourage uninterrupted learning with moral values, bright improvement in management apart from social need.


The department aims at providing excellent management education for aggregate development of a student’s personality with humane and global outlook. To shape students towards academic excellence and to provide holistic and value based professional education relevant to the country’s progress in the field of business administration.