The oneiric mentation of the visionary pioneers of Jnanavikas Vidhya Sangha about ‘Bidadi’ as future alternative city to Bengaluru has led to the establishment of Information Technology (IT) sibling disciplines viz., Computer Science & Engineering and Information Science & Engineering in our Jnanavikas Institute of Technology. The intake approved by AICTE for each of these disciplines is 60 with a provision of additional 20% for lateral entry. The department comprises a strong contingent of didactic faculty to nurture the incumbent students with state-of-the-art-knowledge of IT arena. The department periodically organizes Conferences, Symposiums, Seminars and Faculty Development Programmes to stimulate the inherent intelligence of student community enabling them for lucrative placement.



To be the leading information technology resource hub for education & research.


To infuse architechtonic state – of – the – art IT knowledge through didactic teaching & motivating students for their active participations in extramural activities.


There does not exists a sanctimonious thing like Knowledge. Human can earn knowledge through hard devoted effort after long time. Knowledge may be capable to earn power but, power is incapable to earn knowledge. Therefore, acquire good in depth knowledge in the IT arena and make the country rich by earning foreign exchange.

  • To enhance confidence level of the students enabling them to participate in various extramural activities.
  • To imbibe state – of –the- art IT knowledge through quoting illusion of tableaux.
  • Pursue advanced technical education, research and continuing learning process to remain active professionals.
  • To infuse mathematical & information flow beauties into the concerned arena of technology.